A journey to an incredible continent

A brand new world

Some people ask me how much a private teacher can earn. I answer them that the fee is pretty fair, but I can’t afford a trip to Australia. Then they make round eyes and wonder why this country occupies my dreams. The thing is that I had a few concerts on this continent, and it was the only time I visited this wonderful region. When you appear in a new place, you are overwhelmed with emotions, I’m sure tourists will understand me. I was impressed by many things; I will name here only a few:

  • Exciting sceneries that you will never find in any other country; I liked to sit on a beach and enjoy picturesque sunsets. By the way, do you know that Australia has a great number of beaches, more than any other country?
  • The flora and fauna of this country are inexplicable, and scientists haven’t discovered even a half of all species!
  • Australian art is very impressive, because this culture has a longest period of indigenous art in the world! Australian artists, painters and sculptors present absolutely different worldview, and you should definitely see it!

This inexplicable region won’t let you indifferent!

Do you like Australia? Look here!

Now I’m left alone with my dreams, and Australia stays with me only on canvas. I try to discover new Australian artists and their artwork; they help me to feel unity with this region. Recently I enlarged my searching activities, and found a really inspiring Jewish artist, Leonid Afremov. His artworks are close to the paintings of Australian artists, because he lived a few years on this continent. The great number of beaches and indescribable beauty of nature impressed the painter, and he created many seascapes that depict the unique aura of Australia. One painting stands aside; it is Blue Sky. This artwork looks very different from other masterpieces created by Leonid Afremov. It lacks bright colors; only cold shades of blue. Tiny, but impressive strokes of warm red, orange and yellow colors help to place the right accents on the canvas. There are other places on the continent, more picturesque and bright, but I’d like to visit this one: peaceful and sincere that has nothing to find. Do you want to feel the genuine Australian atmosphere? Then you are welcome to online gallery that deals with the works of renowned artist – Leonid Afremov.

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The future belongs to our kids!

I’m teaching different children: some of them have a real talent; others are just doing what their parents tell them to do without thinking much about it. There are teenagers among my students that realized that they have an ear for music too late, or parents didn’t support them.  My personal belief is that every child should have equal opportunities to build a happy and prosperous life. It is not a secret that the younger a person is the better and quicker he or she learns everything. I have checked this rule for many times with my pupils, and I want to say that it is better to start studying in early childhood. Our president Barak Obama understands that pre-school education is the basis that gives the start to all skills and abilities; thereby he takes this sphere under his personal control. In this article you can find the basic information about the principles of early learning: https://www.whitehouse.gov/issues/education/early-childhood, but I will give you only one word that unites them: investments. To fulfill this program the system of education should receive a certain amount of money, get the access to all necessary equipments and teaching base, and, of course, close interaction with parents, because only they can secure more profound understanding of the subject matter. When my students’ parents ask me what can they do to help their kids in the process of learning, I always advice to work together, because older relatives have the power to instill confidence in their children.

Studious female high school student
Studious female high school student

Greetings from Honolulu!

I am a professional musician, but the name Daisy Adams will hardly ever tell you anything. The thing is that I sacrificed my career to teaching children and teenagers to play the piano. A lot of people don’t understand me, because if I continued working in an orchestra, I could become famous and wealthy. But I think that our children is the best treasure we can ever have, so we have to do all that we can to make them well-educated, and music is the best key to achieve this goal. Listen to classic music, and it will change your life!